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Close up legs of a woman with dark skin after laser hair removal

Long gone are the days when laser hair removal was only available to those with light skin and dark hair. Advances in laser technology have opened the door for people of every skin tone to enjoy permanent hair removal. Near Palo Alto, the expert providers at Entre Nous Aesthetics safely harness the power of laser hair removal for dark skin. Here’s how:

The secret is in the technology 

The success of laser hair removal for any skin tone depends on the quality of the technology. Laser hair removal for dark skin requires the ability to adjust the device’s wavelengths and optimize for darker skin tones.

Darker-skinned individuals can be more vulnerable to side effects if they’re treated with the wrong laser. That’s why it’s important to visit an aesthetician with the expertise necessary to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

With our LightSheer laser, our Entre Nous providers are able to adjust the device based on skin tone and hair texture. Laser hair removal for dark skin may take more treatments than for fair skin, but it is possible!

Your laser hair removal consultation checklist

When you’re preparing for laser hair removal, use your consultation time to your advantage!

  • Do they have a device suitable for laser hair removal for dark skin? Ask your provider how they adjust the treatment for various skin tones.
  • Take note: how do you feel talking with your provider? You’ll be spending several treatments with this person, so make sure you have a good rapport with them.
  • Avoid tanning and excess sun exposure prior to your consultation so your provider can examine your base skin tone.
  • Don’t shave, wax, or tweeze prior to your consultation.
  • Be prepared to talk about your general medical history and any medications you’re taking.

Getting the most out of your laser hair removal treatment

Coddle your skin! Use moisturizer and keep it clean after your treatment. You can use a cool compress if you experience redness or swelling.

Go full vampire and avoid the sun while your skin is healing! It will be extra sensitive, and even if you’re not normally prone to sunburns make sure you’re wearing your SPF!

Experience the freedom of smooth skin with laser hair removal at Entre Nous!

Temporary hair removal solutions are a pain and the cost can start adding up. With advances in laser technology, our expert aestheticians are able to provide safe and effective laser hair removal for dark skin.

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