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24K Gold Facial

gold facial in menlo park

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24K Gold Facial in Menlo Park

Solid Gold skin care

You’re worth it! Specialized serums and other skincare products can penetrate deeper when they are combined with our 24K Gold Facial in Menlo Park. Boost your self-confidence and feel like solid gold with a 24K Gold Facial!




Immediate results
Customizable treatment
Little to no downtime
Complements other treatments
Intensifies topical skincare products
Maintains a healthy complexion

Conditions It Treats

Fine lines & wrinkles
Rough skin
Sun damage

Areas It Treats


How It Works

gold facial in menlo park

During a 24K gold facial in Menlo Park, our expert aestheticians use the Aquagold Fine touch micro-delivery device to deliver skin-loving serums into the skin. This allows deeper penetration of the products than simply applying them topically. We fill the sterile vial with your custom cocktail of professional, medical-grade serums, which are then stamped over the skin with twenty, 24K gold, hair fine, extremely short needles. This stimulates collagen and allows our clients to significantly improve the appearance of their skin without the downtime associated with deeper treatments.

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