Lomi Lomi-Inspired Massage

Lomi lomi massage in Menlo Park

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Enrapture Your Senses

Take a quick trip to Hawaii

Sometimes called the “loving hands massage,” our lomi lomi-inspired massage combines acupressure, deep tissue, and reflexology techniques. By incorporating ancient Polynesian healing methods, like long, continuous strokes, the body is encouraged to let go of its old patterns, easing stress and tension.




Releases tension
Assists in blood flow
Encourages lymph drainage
Eliminates waste & toxins
Deeply relaxing

Why entre Nous?

Lomi lomi massage in Menlo Park

The lomi lomi massage in Menlo Park at Entre Nous offers the best of this ancient Hawaiian massage alongside other beneficial therapeutic techniques like acupressure, range of motion work, and reflexology.

The format of your 90 or 120-minute lomi lomi massage depends on your specific needs. Our highly experienced massage therapist will work intuitively with your body, using rhythmic strokes to release and shift tensions, delivering healing power where you need it most.

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