Sclerotherapy (Leg Spider Veins)

sclerotherapy in Menlo Park

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Do you dread warm weather and tropical vacations? Do you avoid clothing that exposes your bare legs? There is help for those tiny purple, blue, or red veins that have you hiding beneath leggings, long skirts, and pants. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of spider veins, age, genetics, and gender (sorry, ladies) all play a role in the formation of these unsightly vascular lesions. The good news? Sclerotherapy in Menlo Park at Entre Nous can make those tiny, unsightly vessels disappear!




Non-surgical in-office vein treatment
Fast & effective
Minimal downtime

Conditions It Treats

Leg spider veins

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How It Works

Sclerotherapy in Menlo Park

During the sclerotherapy procedure, clients lie comfortably on the treatment lounge while our trained specialists inject a sclerosing agent into the tiny, visible veins with a superfine needle.

The solution irritates the vein, causing it to scar and collapse while forcing blood to reroute through the healthy veins. The body processes the treated veins as waste, and they are naturally eliminated and disappear.

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