Sound Therapy Massage

sound therapy massage in Menlo Park

Enrobe Yourself in Harmony

De-stress your mind and body

Sound healing has been used in cultures around the globe for thousands of years to restore health and relieve pain. In the last decade, scientific research has backed up these claims, showing significant decreases in tension, pain, and anxiety in those who have been exposed to sound therapy massage with Tibetan singing bowls.




Deeply relaxing
Balances the body’s cells via vibration
Boosts immunity
Relieves pain
Reduces blood pressure & heart rate

Why entre Nous?

Sound therapy massage in Menlo Park

Entre Nous Aesthetics proudly employs one of the most well-respected massage therapists in Silicon Valley. During your relaxing, 90-minute sound therapy massage, we will combine traditional massage techniques while utilizing Tibetan singing bowls strategically placed over the body.

When played with a felt mallet, the bowls send vibrations through the body’s meridian points, creating a healthy energy flow that encourages internal harmony and deep relaxation.

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