Baby Botox in Menlo Park | A Great Choice for First-Time Patients

woman getting baby botox in menlo parkl

Diving into the world of cosmetic procedures can feel a little overwhelming at first! Tried and true, Botox is an awesome starting point for first-time patients. And what’s even better is there is such a thing as micro botox treatments; we call it baby Botox, and it is a perfect starting point.

Entre Nous Aesthetics is proud to offer the Bay Area a safe, comfortable, and beautiful atmosphere in which to enjoy the benefits of aesthetic procedures! We are a leading provider of all cosmetic injectables near Palo Alto, including Botox! Read on to learn if baby Botox checks your boxes, or reach out to schedule a consultation today.

Baby Botox in Menlo park | What it treats

This injectable treatment works to treat and prevent signs of aging such as:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lip lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Fine lines

What makes it “baby”?

Baby Botox is the same as regular Botox in many ways! The substance injected is the same exact neurotoxin, and the results are identical. The main difference between baby Botox and regular (grown-up?) Botox is the amount injected. Just like with any endeavor, starting small can be reassuring. 

Botox is measured in units. It can be hard to estimate exactly how many units you may require, as it depends on desired results and the size of the treatment area. However, a baby Botox treatment uses less than the average amount, making it an accessible starting point for first timers. 


One of the major benefits of baby Botox is that it produces natural and gorgeous results that are visible within a few hours following the first treatment! Results typically last up to 3 months, and we recommend coming in for follow-up appointments every couple of months to maintain those results. 

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