The Secrets to Long-Lasting Filler in Menlo Park

So many people love dermal fillers because they’re a quick, noninvasive way to enhance your natural facial contours. 

The fact that dermal fillers are temporary is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great because it means you can change up your look if you want. However, once you’ve found the right one, you want to know how to keep those results going for as long as possible.

From the experts at Entre Nous Aesthetics, here’s a quick guide to getting long-lasting filler!

Make Your Fillers Last Longer

These 7 tips are surefire ways to help prolong and enhance your filler results.

1. Take Care of Your Skin

The best thing you can do to achieve long-lasting fillers is to take care of your skin by using medical-grade skincare products and following a regular skincare routine.

2. Stay Hydrated

Your skin is made up mostly of water, just like the rest of your body. Hyaluronic acid (found in most fillers) helps your skin retain moisture, but it can’t make it appear out of thin air! Drinking plenty of water is crucial for your skin’s health and helps maintain your filler results.

3. Avoid UV Exposure

Sun damage is responsible for 90% of the way our skin changes over time. Wearing daily SPF and avoiding prolonged sun exposure is essential for protecting your skin from damaging UV rays.

4. Relax and Destress

When you’re living a high-stress lifestyle, your body is constantly releasing a chemical called cortisol that speeds up the aging process. It also affects your metabolism, which largely impacts how quickly your body processes the filler.

5. Eat Skin-Healthy Foods

Your diet has a significant impact on your overall health, including your skin! Healthy fats and vitamins support your skin’s health as well as avoiding processed products. 

6. Schedule Maintenance Appointments

Filler results last for a long time, but they are still temporary. Coming in for maintenance treatments as needed helps to create long-lasting filler results.

7. Choose a Longer-Lasting Filler

If you truly want long-lasting filler, in Menlo Park we’re big fans of Sculptra. The formula for Sculptra uses poly-L lactic acid to stimulate collagen production in your skin, setting it apart from other HA fillers. 

That means your body naturally fills in wrinkles and lost volume, which makes Sculptra results last even longer than other fillers—2 to 4 years in some patients! As an aside, we can even use Sculptra to reduce cellulite!

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