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Nothing is more frustrating than putting your hours in at the gym and still dealing with stubborn fat hanging around. It’s not your fault, of course; there are several factors (like genetics) that are out of your control if your body is having a hard time letting go of fat in certain areas.

Entre Nous Aesthetics is a premier provider of non-surgical fat reduction in Menlo Park. Our experts specialize in creating custom treatment plans using CoolSculpting and EmSculpt to help our patients achieve the look of their dreams.

Am I a candidate for non-surgical fat reduction?

Non-surgical fat reduction, aka body sculpting or contouring, is safe and effective for most people. If you’re struggling with stubborn fat or want to tone up certain areas, you’re probably a fit for these treatments.

Candidates for body sculpting with CoolSculpting or Emsculpt generally meet these criteria:

You’re Within 15 to 30 Pounds of Your Goal Body Weight

CoolSculpting can freeze fat, but it’s not intended as a major weight loss procedure. The most successful candidates are already pretty close to their goal weight and are looking to spot-treat certain areas of their bodies.

Likewise, EmSculpt works best for candidates who are already living an active lifestyle. If there is too much fat in an area, EmSculpt won’t be as effective. In some cases, we might suggest treating with CoolSculpting before beginning an EmSculpt treatment series.

You Have Pinchable Fat in the Area You Want Treated

“Pinchable” fat is literally fat that you can pinch between your finger and thumb. In some instances, it might actually be loose skin that you’re dealing with and not fat. If that’s the case, we can offer treatments like Profound skin tightening to help address the issue.

You Feel Confident You Can Maintain the Results After Treatment

After getting a non-surgical fat reduction, significant weight gain (like with pregnancy) can affect your results. It’s important to have a plan for maintaining your results after you complete your treatments. 

Options for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in Menlo Park

We have two treatments available at Entre Nous that help with non-surgical fat reduction. CoolSculpting targets fat specifically, but we can use EmSculpt to help strengthen muscle and contribute to overall fat loss, too.


Coolsculpting uses a handheld device that delivers controlled cooling to the designated treatment areas. The process is known as “cryolipolysis,” the scientific name for what happens when fat cells freeze. 

While you lay back and relax, the CoolSculpting device targets stubborn fat so that the cells freeze, die, and get eliminated by the body. All of this happens without harming the surrounding skin or other tissues.


EmSculpt is a revolutionary body contouring procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). One treatment activates more muscle fibers than is physically possible through normal exercise. 

A 28-minute session triggers around 20,000 muscle contractions, shrinking nearby fat cells and helping tone and strengthen the muscles

Should I get EmSculpt or Coolsculpting?

It depends on what your specific goals are. If you’re struggling with excess fat, then CoolSculpting is your go-to treatment. If you’re looking for muscle definition, EmSculpt has your back. You can even combine the two for added benefits.

How Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Works

When you book an appointment for CoolSculpting or Emsculpt at Entre Nous, you can always expect the highest level of service.


Prior to any treatment at Entre Nous Aesthetics, we always begin with a consultation so we can tailor your treatment to your individual needs. We’ll ask about your medical history and goals for your treatment, as well as examine the treatment area or areas.

Your aesthetician will recommend which non-surgical fat reduction treatment will work best for you and discuss the number of treatments required for your desired results.

You’ll be able to ask any questions you’ve got about the treatment process, and we’ll be happy to answer them. Our priority is making sure you have a complete understanding of your personalized treatment plan.

Then we’ll get your first treatment scheduled!


Because our treatments are non-invasive, you won’t experience any of the risks or pain associated with surgery. Our patients are able to sit back and relax during their treatment and read, watch shows, or play games on their phones.

CoolSculpting and Emsculpt both use devices that we attach to the treatment area. Your aesthetician will prioritize your comfort throughout the entire process.

Before you leave, you’ll stop at our front desk to schedule any follow-up appointments. (These will be discussed in your consultation!) We are sure to schedule follow-up treatments far enough apart to give your body time to react to the prior treatments.

Most patients will need multiple treatments to achieve their desired results.

There is no downtime after your treatment, and you can quickly get back to your normal activities. You should consider taking 1 or 2 days off from the gym if you are experiencing any soreness. 


Results from non-surgical fat reduction are cumulative and take time to develop. The results from your treatment will not be immediate, but they will be long-lasting. With CoolSculpting, the fat is permanently removed by your body. 

Even after their first treatment, patients start to see their results within just a couple months!

Benefits of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

There are many reasons to explore non-surgical fat reduction. Here are some of our favorite benefits of these treatments!

Personalized Plan

We can customize your treatment plan to your needs. Whether that means treating multiple areas or combining CoolSculpting and Emsculpt treatments.

No Downtime

There’s no required downtime or recovery period after these non-surgical procedures. You can get right back to your day after your appointments. 

Fewer Risks

With non-invasive methods, there aren’t as many risks as there are with surgical solutions. Plus, without incisions, there’s no scarring afterward!

Quick Treatments

The treatment sessions for CoolSculpting and Emsculpt take under an hour, making them easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Long-Lasting Results

Both CoolSculpting and Emsculpt produce long-lasting results, especially with regular maintenance treatments.

Discreet Changes

The results you get from non-surgical fat reduction in Menlo Park will steadily improve over time. This makes it easier to be discreet about your body sculpting treatments (if that’s something you’re concerned about).

Tips for Maintaining Your Results

These are our 3 best tips for maintaining your results from non-surgical fat reduction in Menlo Park.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

How we eat has a significant impact on how our bodies look and how we feel. Eating a diet that’s nutritious and balanced will help you feel better and maintain your results from EmSculpt or CoolSculpting.

Keep Up Your Regular Exercise

Any weight you gain after your treatments will impact your results. Keeping up your workout schedule is a great way to maintain your weight and results from non-surgical fat reduction.

Schedule Maintenance Treatments

This tip is particularly helpful for patients who have EmSculpt as part of their treatment plan. Just like regular workouts, your results from EmSculpt require maintenance. Scheduling regular maintenance treatments can keep you looking toned long term.

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At Entre Nous, we believe wanting to look your best is a sign of mental wellness. We’re here to support you in accessing your best self with our guidance and expertise. Whether you’re wondering if CoolSculpting is worth it or want to know the benefits of EmSculpt, we can answer any questions you have.

Schedule your consultation to get started.

And remember, no one needs to know that you’ve had some ‘expert guidance,’ because our aim is to provide results subtle enough to keep others guessing yet impressive enough to make a difference. At the end of the day, the choices you make to optimize your appearance are “Entre Nous”—just between us.

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