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CO₂RE Intima Vaginal Laser

vaginal laser in menlo park

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CO₂RE Intima Vaginal Laser

Address your most intimate concerns

As the years pass, your face isn’t the only part of your body that ages. While wrinkles, dark spots, and skin laxity may be more visible to the public eye, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the importance of vaginal health.

With laser vaginal therapy, you can revamp your vaginal tissue to help your body look and feel younger, as well as treat stress urinary incontinence. At Entre Nous, we’ve found that the CO₂RE Intima laser quickly rejuvenates the vaginal area without surgery or pain.


intima vaginal laser in menlo park



No downtime or discomfort
Increased vaginal lubrication
Decreased pain with intercourse

Conditions It Treats

Stress urinary incontinence
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal laxity
Painful intercourse
Pigment changes in the vulvar area

Areas It Treats


How It Works

Vaginal Laser in menlo park

Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, the CO₂RE Intima laser can stimulate collagen production in your vaginal tissues to tighten, strengthen, and overall improve your vagina’s health and function. Intima uses state-of-the-art laser technology to resurface the vaginal canal and stimulate collagen production deep within the tissue.

Because of the innovative laser technology, the CO₂RE Intima laser can treat a wide range of vaginal issues that stem from childbirth, menopause, hysterectomies, chemotherapy, and more. The best way to understand whether our Intima vaginal laser in Menlo Park can treat your unique concerns is to come in for a consultation with an experienced laser specialist.

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