Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

non-surgical rhinoplasty in Menlo Park

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Enjoy a More Flattering Nose Shape

A splint-free alternative to rhinoplasty

The best nose shapes are the ones that go mostly unnoticed. When the nose’s size or shape is not in harmony with the rest of the face, it can be a source of distress for men AND women. The latest aesthetic advancements allow us to provide non-surgical rhinoplasty in Menlo Park with HA fillers. After just a 30-minute appointment, our clients leave with straighter-appearing, better defined, and more symmetric noses without the need for surgery!




Non-surgical & discreet
No downtime
Immediate results
Effects can be reversed
Long-lasting results

Conditions It Treats

Flat bridge
Drooping or bulbous tip
Crooked nose
Bumps & small defects

How It Works

Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Menlo Park

Until recently, the only way to change the appearance of your nose was to go under the knife for a traditional rhinoplasty. Now, we can resolve the appearance of bumps, asymmetries, and more with dermal fillers!

During your consultation with our experienced injectors, we will create a unique plan tailored to give your nose an improved shape. The effects of a non-surgical rhinoplasty are immediate and can last 8 to 14 months before additional injections are required to maintain the results.

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