How FITNESS will change FOREVER.

How FITNESS will change FOREVER

The pandemic locked up gyms and fitness studios and inspired coaches, trainers, and teachers everywhere to take their livelihood online, many for the first time. I was most creative and inspired as a trainer during COVID-19 than ever! Clients with new unruly schedules and budgets found themselves making changes of their own and reaching out more.

Digital platforms, some like @peloton, which I was blessed to have during this time— have boomed, and now they have an opening to turn fitness into the same kind of experience that league sports, office life, movies, and television have become.

Yes, fitness can happen anywhere, in any form, at any time. During this time the costs and benefits are raising every which way. Over time, the options we have for working out—and the options we don’t—are likely to settle into something very different from what we might have expected only a few months ago, and to do so faster and under greater pressure than they would have without the coronavirus.

I’m a person who exercises a lot and I have been a gym owner, so I’ve been following these growing platforms closely. I’ve found many things to love about working out in isolation. But still, I miss the gym.

So I decided to try to figure out what exactly it is that I miss and whether it’s gone forever.

Alexa at the gym


My #1 thing is COMMUNITY!!!!