What You Need to Know About Your Lip Flip Procedure in Menlo Park

You may have heard of the cosmetic procedure taking the world by storm–a quick, minimally invasive procedure that guarantees plumper, fuller lips in less than half an hour. Well, the stories are all true! 

A lip flip procedure in Menlo Park can get you exactly that–plumper lips with no downtime–and Entre Nous Aesthetics is the place to go. Our expert injectors are highly trained on the precise injection technique to get you from a thin pucker to a gorgeous pout! Keep reading to get the low down on everything you need to know about the lip flip–and then book your appointment!

How does a lip flip procedure in Menlo Park work?

A lip flip achieves gorgeous, natural-looking results without adding any actual volume to your lips. Your expert injector accomplishes this by strategically injecting your top lip with Botox, a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes your muscle

As a result of this injection, your top lip rolls upwards, revealing more of the pink color from underneath, and creating the appearance of plumper, fuller lips! 

How long do results last?

Typically, results from a lip flip last anywhere from 2 to 5 months. 

What’s the upkeep like?

We recommend coming to see us for maintenance sessions every 3 months–just like with regular Botox appointments! You can get your lip flip done during the same session as any other injectable or medical aesthetic treatment. 

Can I get a lip flip and lip filler at the same time?

Yes, you absolutely can! Combining a lip flip with lip fillers will give you a defined cupid’s bow and more visibility of the pink part of your lip, along with added volume for some truly stunning results. 

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