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No one wants to worry about leaks when you’re laughing or sneezing, but that’s what stress urinary incontinence can cause. It can even start to creep up during your exercise routines!

At Entre Nous Aesthetics we’re here to help our clients feel beautiful and confident at all ages. So we’ve got just the thing to help keep you dry.

What is stress urinary incontinence?

Despite its name, stress urinary incontinence isn’t something you get when you’re stressed out. The weakening of your pelvic floor muscles and tissues, which happens with age, childbirth, or certain medical conditions, makes it hard to control when you go.

Stress urinary incontinence is caused by abdominal pressure overcoming the pressure of your closed urethra. That’s why it’s most noticeable when you laugh or sneeze. Healing your vaginal walls prevents leaks by providing the strength and support your pelvic area needs.

Using a laser to treat stress urinary incontinence

The CO₂RE Intima Laser is used to alleviate stress urinary incontinence, treat vaginal dryness, and provide overall vaginal rejuvenation. By using laser energy to gently heat the skin, we’re able to boost collagen production and strengthen the tissues. 

One of the greatest benefits of this treatment is that it only takes about 10 minutes and there’s no downtime after! You can get right back to your daily activities. After a series of 3 treatments, you’ll be back to a leak-free lifestyle. Some patients even report immediate improvement in symptoms after their first treatment!

Stop stressing about incontinence and visit Entre Nous today!

Our team of aestheticians is ready to help you alleviate your stress urinary incontinence and get back to living your life. We know that issues with our most intimate areas can be difficult to discuss, but we keep everything “Entre Nous” or between us. Don’t let embarrassment hold you back from the life you deserve!

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