A Sure Fire Way to Get Younger Looking Hands | Treatment for Aging Hands in Menlo Park

Anti-aging defense for the face and neck is important, but an often-overlooked part of the body is the hands. Our hands tell so many stories, but signs of aging like wrinkles and liver spots can be bothersome and cause insecurity. If you’d like to have a more youthful appearance overall, learn more about this treatment for aging hands in Menlo Park.

Entre Nous Aesthetics offers safe and effective anti-aging procedures in a comfortable and discrete environment. Our team shares a passion for helping each of our patients achieve their most healthy, beautiful, youthful-looking appearance yet! A younger looking appearance is in your future; keep reading to find out how!

BBL | A treatment for aging hands in Menlo Park

BBL is considered the gold-standard for IPL treatments tackling signs of aging. Before we learn any more, let’s go over what those acronyms mean. BBL stands for broadband light, and IPL stands for intense pulsed light. So, BBL is the type of light wavelength, and IPL is the delivery mechanism.

BBL delivers light energy to the skin, which promotes collagen production on a cellular level. Collagen is the protein in the body responsible for keeping the skin plump, firm, and healthy. BBL works as a treatment for aging hands in Menlo Park by encouraging the body into generating more collagen, thus creating a firm framework for smooth, firm hands!

Wrinkle treatment

Our BBL device addresses your concerns by utilizing focused light therapy to gently heat the upper layers of the skin, effectively promoting new and accelerated skin cell growth and collagen output. 

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, and it is responsible for keeping your skin plump, firm, and wrinkle free. BBL produces more collagen, which smooths out wrinkles and fine lines on the hands, taking years off your overall appearance!

Liver spot treatment

BBL works in a similar way to erase liver and age spots. When the light energy penetrates into the layer of skin, it makes changes on a cellular level. Your body starts to produce new, healthy skin cells, replacing the pigmented spots with clear, youthful looking skin! 

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