High Frequency Diode Acne Treatment

acne treatment in Menlo Park

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High-Frequency Diode Acne Treatment in Menlo Park

Advanced, Light-based Acne Care

The advanced High Frequency Diode (HFD) Acne Treatment in Menlo Park at Entre Nous lasts about 20 minutes. Your skincare provider will recommend a personalized treatment regimen which will complement your at-home regimen. These treatments are usually done once per week for up to 10 treatments depending upon your needs. Our clients rave about their HFD treatments; many start to see an improvement in their acne by the second treatment!


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Treats acne
Reduces inflammation
Anti-aging effects
Safe for all skin types

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How It Works

acne treatment in Menlo Park

During your 20 minute acne treatment at our Menlo Park office, the state-of-the-art diode light safely penetrates the skin to kill the p. acnes bacteria. These bacteria are associated with acne breakouts when combined with localized inflammation, clogged pores, and production of oily sebum. This comfortable, effective, and non-invasive treatment takes your acne-killing regimen to the next level.

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