Cheekbone Contour

Non-surgical face contouring in Menlo Park

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Enhancing cheekbones

Sculpt the cheekbones you’ve always wantedーwithout surgery or heavy makeup.

Women and men of all ages are after strong, well-defined cheekbones. Even if you were not blessed with supermodel cheekbones, or you have gradually lost definition in your cheekbones over time, non-surgical face contouring in Menlo Park at Entre Nous Aesthetics can help you lift and sculpt your face.




Non-surgical treatment
No downtime
Immediate results
Long-lasting results

Conditions It Treats

Undefined cheekbones
Volume loss
Facial asymmetry
Nasolabial folds

Areas It Treats


A woman with smooth skin poses with her hand near her face

How It Works

non-surgical face contouring

Skillful makeup techniques can accentuate the contours of your face, but the structure needs to be there to back it up. This is where fillers can work their magic. Put down the palette and come talk to the experts at Entre Nous about non-surgical face contouring in Menlo Park.

Using dermal fillers like Sculptra® or those from the JUVÉDERM® and Galderma families, we can fill and enhance your cheekbones and lift the areas around your mouth and jawline, leaving you with a refreshed, youthful appearance. Results can last up to two years before requiring additional injections.

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