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Teen facials in Menlo Park

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Ensure Healthy Skincare Habits

Part medical facial, part educational experience

A lifetime of glowing, healthy skin begins with the right information and forming healthy skincare habits. The teen facial in Menlo Park at Entre Nous Aesthetics is a completely custom experience, tailored toward educating teens on best practices, addressing their unique concerns, and laying the foundations of beautiful skin for life. This valuable educational experience may include a HydraFacialâ„¢, gentle extractions, physical or chemical exfoliation, and more.




Instills healthy habits
Instant & long-term results
Effective for all skin types
Prevents future breakouts

Conditions It Treats

Acne breakouts
Acne scars
Oily skin
Enlarged pores
Clogged pores

Areas It Treats


How It Works

Teen facial in Menlo Park

Most teenagers struggle with acne breakouts and oily skin. Often, these concerns can be addressed with a proper skincare routine and regular teen facials at our Menlo Park office. This unique experience teaches the importance of cleansing, scheduling regular facials, and learning to use medical-grade, effective skincare products.

After an in-depth consultation, we will create a tailored treatment plan that may include a medical-grade facial, microdermabrasion, acne treatments, or a HydraFacial to decongest the skin and treat active acne breakouts.

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