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Your lips are one of the first things someone might notice about you, and one of the most expressive parts of your face. Your lips are there for you when you smile 😁 , frown ☹️ , and laugh 😂  They help you talk, and they help you show affection 😚

If you want to make sure that your lips are always plump, soft, and perfectly blushed 💋 , keep reading and learn about the best lip treatments in Menlo Park from Entre Nous Aesthetics!

Achieving the perfect pout

It’s no secret that some of the most famous and envied lips of today have been achieved through the careful placement of fillers. If you’re looking to enhance your pout by making it more full or plump, lip filler can be a perfect option for you!

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is one of the best lip treatments in Menlo Park, and the most popular. A lip augmentation can help you both plump up the shape of your lips and correct asymmetry with results that are instant, non-surgical, and non-invasive. 

How it works

As we age, the collagen production in areas like the face and mouth naturally slows down, which allows for the formation of wrinkles as we get older. The face in particular may lose fat deposits as well, causing sagging or drooping around the cheeks and mouth. Lip augmentation works to replace the lost collagen and fat, restoring the appearance of full, plump lips. 

People with genetically thin lips may also be a great candidate for lip augmentation. Injections are a great option to enhance your natural features.

Our lip augmentation procedure uses hyaluronic acid-based fillers from Juvéderm® or Restylane®. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance already found in the body, which helps your lip treatment look and feel more natural. Our team will always consult with you beforehand to build a custom treatment plan that best fits your goals!

Before the injections begin, we will numb the mouth area with a topical cream. Your aesthetic provider will then inject the filler along the edges of your lips where they join your face. The number of syringes and injections will depend on the type of filler and desired results.

The lip augmentation procedure itself lasts anywhere from 15–60 minutes depending on your custom treatment plan. Most people experience swelling for a few days afterwards, but your new, full lips should be on display within 3–5 days! 

Lip augmentation is temporary, so we recommend coming back to see us every 6–9 months to maintain your results.

Benefits of lip augmentation

Part of what makes lip augmentation a favorite lip treatment in Menlo Park is that it can be done quickly, in the office, and with minimal downtime. Recovery is short and sweet! 

Lip augmentation can be corrective. Genetics and age are the two main influences to the shape and size of your lips. Research shows that about 30% of people experience lip asymmetry, and even more have thin lips naturally. Lip augmentation can both enhance thin lips and correct lip asymmetry, making it the best lip treatment for achieving your unique shape and size goals 👄

Lip augmentation is both customizable and reversible. Because our lip fillers are made from organic materials, they are subject to your body’s metabolism. Your filler will naturally fade between 6 months to a year after your lip augmentation procedure, but follow-up appointments are an easy way to keep your pout plush!

best lip treatments in Menlo Park: lip augmentation results

Select a sultry shade

Our permanent makeup services are the best lip treatment in Menlo Park if you’re ready to wear the perfect shade 24/7! 

Lip blushing

Our lip blushing treatment takes the time and energy out of makeup application. Plus, results are totally customizable, so you can choose a shade that compliments you and your unique style 💄

How it works

Permanent makeup, also called cosmetic tattooing, is a microneedling treatment that deposits pigment underneath the surface of the skin for lasting color results. While this technique can also be used for eyebrows and eyeliner, it’s what we use to achieve one of the best lip treatments in Menlo Park: lip blushing!

Lip blushing is a beautiful way to enhance your natural lips. It helps to define the shape of your lips and restore lip pigment to bring fresh color back into the face. 

Lip blushing can be effective for any skin tone. Our amazing team will consult with you to customize a treatment plan to make your goals a reality!

Because of the oxidation process, your lips will appear their darkest directly after the lip blushing treatment. We recommend giving your lips a full 6–8 weeks to heal and recover before evaluating your results. Throughout this process, the lips will soften and lighten as their natural exfoliation and regeneration process occurs. 

Lip blushing is not permanent, results typically fade between 1–3 years after the treatment, so come back and see us to keep loving your results! Also note that the results of your lip blushing treatment in Menlo Park are highly dependent on how well you take care of your lips at home. Keep reading to see our favorite at-home lip care tips 😘

Benefits of lip blushing

If you’re not interested in changing the shape and size of your lips, but still want to give them a refreshed, youthful look, lip blushing is the best lip treatment for you. Adding a wash of color can be the perfect solution to combat fading, lack of definition, and other signs of aging without injections. Plus, choosing a shade can be a fun opportunity to enhance your natural features and showcase your personal style!

Say goodbye to reapplying! Lip blushing is a 24/7, sweat-proof, water-proof cosmetic enhancement. No matter what your day-to-day activities look like, your perfect shade won’t fade like everyday makeup would.

best lip treatments in Menlo Park: lip blushing results

Maintain your beautiful results: at-home lip care

After you’ve achieved your perfect results in the aesthetics office, it’s important to take care of them with helpful at-home techniques. Here are our top tips to keep your lips pink and plush!

Stay hydrated

The skin on your lips is just like the skin on your face, it needs moisture to be healthy 💦  Drinking a minimum of 12 cups of water a day is a great way to avoid dry skin and keep your skin plump and healthy looking, including your lips.

Know what’s in your lip balm

Not all lip products are created equal. From scrubs, to chapsticks, to balms, to masks, it can be hard to discern what’s best to use and what should stay by the check-out counter. When choosing a lip product, it’s important to consider what it’s meant for, what the major ingredients are, and what your lips need.

Exfoliating lip treatments

Lemon juice or Vitamin C is a great ingredient to wake up the lips in the morning 🍋  Citrus can be a natural chemical exfoliant to slough off dead skin and both brighten and renew the lips.

If you’re looking for a physical exfoliant like a scrub, choose one that uses berries as a main ingredient 🫐 🍓  Berries are naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them a great base to provide nourishment and restore the skin on your lips.

Moisturizing lip treatments

Vitamin E and aloe vera are perfect soothing, hydrating ingredients for your skin, and especially your lips 🪴  Any products that contain vitamin E or aloe as a main ingredient are sure to bring your lips noticeable moisture. 

A great lip hydration tip is to put more intense, nourishing products on before bed and leave them overnight like a mask 😴  That way your lips can soak up all the moisture without being interrupted by your daily activities like talking and eating. Save the lighter products that you don’t mind reapplying for the daytime. 

Use SPF (yes, even for your lips)

Many lip products include an SPF in them, even some of the lip treatments and balms you might already have in your purse! 

Just like your face is prone to sun damage without proper protection, your lips can dry out, lose color over time, and even get a sunburn if you’re not careful. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or in tanning beds.

When choosing a lip product for your day to day, we always recommend picking up one with built-in sun protection.

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