The Benefits of a Cat Eye Thread Lift

young looking woman with a cat eye thread lift in Menlo Park

We all love a cat eye eyeliner look; there’s a reason it’s been popular for decades upon decades! While many of us love to use the power of eyeliner to rock this look, or permanent eyeliner, there’s another way to achieve a similar lifting effect without makeup: our cat eye thread lift in Menlo Park.

A cat eye thread lift, also known as a fox eye lift, is a non-surgical procedure that uses PDO (Polydioxanone) threads in the skin to visibly lift the treatment area. Let’s go over the benefits of a cat eye thread lift.

Contoured, lifted look to your brows

This is the main goal of cat eye threads. Right after the procedure they look dramatic, but as they settle in, your eyebrows will look more lifted and your eyes will have a more defined outer corner, giving you the “cat eye” effect! 

Non-surgical brow lift option

If you’re interested in a brow lift but not interested in going under the knife, we hear you. Cat eye threads are an amazing alternative to brow lift surgery. The results are not permanent so this is a low commitment, high payoff treatment. 

Non-permanent, dissolvable threads

As mentioned before, this is not a permanent procedure and the threads we inserte to achieve the look naturally dissolve away. At Entre Nous, we use NovaThreads which are PDO threads with unmatched quality made in the USA. Their PDO threads stimulate collagen synthesis, and the structure the threads create can hold for 12 to 15 months! 

Experienced providers at Entre Nous

Our aesthetic experts are highly skilled and experienced in every service we provide. Dr. Weston, our Physician Assistant Sandra, and an injection specialist perform our cat eye thread lifts in Menlo Park. We’ll ensure that you’re comfortable and understand what to expect with the procedure and work to achieve your desired results. 

Why Permanent Cosmetics?

Come to Entre Nous for cat eye thread lifts in Menlo Park!

Entre Nous Aesthetics is a premier med spa in the Bay Area. All our consultations and treatments are performed by licensed medical assistants and aestheticians, so you can relax knowing you are in the most skilled and practiced hands in the region.

Entre Nous invests a lot of our time, energy, and funds in continual education for our team so we can offer the best aesthetic care with the latest technology. Schedule a consultation today to learn how cat eye thread lifts can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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