Why Permanent Cosmetics?

woman with permanent cosmetics in Menlo Park

We all feel good when we look our best, and for some this comes through the power of makeup! If you’re thinking about permanent cosmetics in Menlo Park, below are some of the biggest benefits of this treatment

Save time through convenience

We all have a lot going on every day, and for those of us that love to look and feel put together with makeup, you save a ton of time with permanent cosmetics. Whether you rock a signature daily cat eye or spend time perfecting your brows or lips for a sculpted look, you can get back your valuable time with permanent cosmetics 🙌

Fill in sparseness or recreate eyebrows

Permanent cosmetics through microblading is a fantastic way to get the brows of your dreams. If your eyebrows are sparse from over plucking and tweezing years ago, we can get them looking full! The same goes for naturally thin or sparse eyebrows. Another amazing benefit for those with alopecia (hair loss) is that we can create eyebrows for you that look natural and frame your features beautifully.

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Minimize asymmetry in features

Asymmetry occurs when two sides of something don’t quite match up. Aesthetically speaking, features equal or matching on both sides look better. 

As far as human bodies go, it’s perfectly normal to have some asymmetry going on. This can be on our eyebrows or even our lips. Whatever you prefer, we can help correct asymmetry with permanent makeup options to achieve a balanced, cohesive look. 

A solution for those who may struggle with makeup application

Makeup application requires a steady hand, focused eyesight, and coordination to get the best look. There are a lot of reasons one might have a harder time than others to apply makeup. Shaky hands, poor grip, and other impairments can make it difficult to put on makeup the way you want to. If so, permanent cosmetics are the perfect solution so you can have beautiful makeup with no difficulties! 

24/7 sweat-proof, water-proof makeup

You don’t have to trade gorgeous makeup  to do the activities you want. Sometimes there are situations where you might worry about ruining your look like sweating, getting caught in the rain, swimming, sleeping, and anything else that might make you smudge! With permanent cosmetics, you’ll wake up with your makeup done and it won’t budge. 

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