Don’t Pop That Cherry! Angioma Removal in the Bay Area

We know the urge is there, but just like you shouldn’t pop your zits you definitely shouldn’t pop that cherry angioma on your skin. 

Cherry angiomas tend to start showing up in your 30s. Anyone can get them. They’re usually benign, but they can be signs of other health issues. They also tend to be genetic. Not the ideal inheritance if you ask us!

At Entre Nous Aesthetics we offer easy cherry angioma removal in the Bay Area.

What is a cherry angioma?

A cherry angioma is a noncancerous skin growth made of blood vessels and they’re actually pretty common. More than half of people get them after the age of 30 and that number increases as you get older.

They’re small bumps on your skin and are named for their red color.

Where do cherry angiomas come from?

Scientists aren’t exactly sure why we get cherry angiomas, but they have their theories. It could be aging, genetics, or hormones. 

How do you treat cherry angiomas?

We use lasers and light to treat cherry angiomas! There are two technologies in our tool kit:


The V-Beam laser is a pulsed-dye laser that lets us spot-treat those little red lesions and fade them away! The laser gently heats the skin and targets the hemoglobin in the angioma in order to destroy the red pigmentation.


BBL by Sciton is a go-to skincare treatment for various pigmentation issues, including cherry angiomas! We’re able to target abnormal pigmentation without affecting the healthy tissue around it.

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