CO2 vs HALO | Which laser resurfacing treatment is right for me?

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular aesthetic treatment and the market has responded by coming out with better and better technologies. These days a lot of people are wondering if CO2 vs HALO laser resurfacing is the right choice for them.

At Entre Nous Aesthetics we build treatment plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs. There are multiple factors that influence which laser treatment makes the most sense for you. Are you looking for a gentle complexion refresh or are you looking for an aggressive resurfacing to make up for worshiping the sun without using SPF? 

With our CO2 laser skin treatment in Menlo Park, we can address a whole range of skin issues

CO2 vs HALO laser: understanding the differences

Both CO2 and HALO provide skin resurfacing through laser energy. However, there’s no question that CO2 laser resurfacing will provide more dramatic results in fewer treatments. 

While HALO has the benefit of less downtime, that’s because the laser is not providing the same level of rejuvenation. Plus, with our CO2RE® by Candela, we’re able to customize the depth of your laser treatment and even simulate the same dual laser technology of a HALO. 

CO2 vs HALO laser: which is better?

Obviously, we’re biased towards the CO2RE® by Candela and CO2 laser resurfacing in the Bay Area.  Because we’re able to customize the depth, we can treat a wide range of skin issues with just one device. 

The CO2RE® laser can provide superficial treatments for surface issues with less downtime than HALO. Opting for CO2 laser resurfacing is an investment in your skin’s health long term. Whereas you might need HALO annually, our patients are able to extend their CO2 results for several years with proper maintenance.

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Our expert laser technicians use their extensive knowledge of the skin and facial anatomy to use lasers to restore and rejuvenate your skin. 

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