Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser skin treatment in Menlo Park

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If you are bothered by the signs of facial aging—wrinkling, brown spots, uneven skin tone, or enlarged pores—it is time to schedule a consultation with a specialist at Entre Nous Aesthetics for laser resurfacing in Menlo Park. Using our CO2RE® laser by Candela, this advanced laser treatment creates a controlled injury of the skin that stimulates collagen and elastin production, tightens and smoothes the skin, and improves areas of discoloration.


woman undergoing laser treatment in Menlo park



Dramatic results
Customizable to the individual
Quick, in-office treatment
FDA-approved device

Conditions It Treats

Deep wrinkles & lines
Acne, injury, & surgical scars
Skin laxity
Uneven skin tone & texture
Sun damage
Enlarged pores
Stretch marks
Age spots

Areas It Treats

Lower eyelid
Upper eyelid
Around mouth

laser face treatment in Menlo Park
woman undergoing laser treatment in Menlo park
treatment process of fractional co2 laser in Menlo Park

How It Works

Laser resurfacing in Menlo Park

During your consultation with our experienced laser specialists, we will review your health & medical history, evaluate your skin, and clarify your goals for treatment. Taking into account the extent of skin damage, your budget, your tolerance for downtime, and your goals, we will create a customized treatment plan that will determine how best to use our state-of-the-art fractional CO2 laser to give you the result you are hoping for.

laser face treatment in Menlo Park
treatment process of fractional co2 laser in Menlo Park

What Can I Expect?


Since we tailor the procedure to each individual’s needs, the depth of treatment will vary. Superficial laser treatments will heal with minimal downtime (24 hours).


Medium-depth treatments typically require 3 to 7 days of social downtime while the skin heals.  Deep laser resurfacing, often needed around the mouth, can require up to 14 days of social downtime.


Results of laser resurfacing in Menlo Park continue to improve in the weeks following treatment. Final results can last for several years, with adequate sun protection and a diligent skincare routine.

Be Our Guest

Contact us to set up a virtual consultation or an in-office visit. You can also use our interactive eConsultation tool to tell us your concerns and get a personalized treatment plan in the comfort of your own home.