Emsculpt vs Coolsculpting: Which One Is Right For You?

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Keeping up your body goals can be a full time job. If you’re looking into body sculpting in Menlo Park you might find yourself wondering about Emsculpt vs Coolsculpting and which one will help you level up your physique. 

If we’re being honest, it doesn’t have to be an EmSculpt vs Coolsculpt situation. Combining body contouring treatments can also have a very positive effect, too. At Entre Nous Aesthetics we’re committed to developing unique treatment plans that serve you as an individual.

First off, Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting: what’s the difference?

EmSculpt is used to sculpt muscle. CoolSculpting is used to freeze fat. That’s the biggest difference. While Emsculpt does have some fat burning effects, it’s main goal is to target muscle growth.

How Emsculpt Works

We can use Emsculpt to treat arms, abs, legs, and the buttocks. Our trained providers place the paddle and it uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles beyond what you could ever do at the gym.

How CoolSculpting Works

The handheld CoolSculpting device is used almost anywhere on the body where fat accumulates and freezes the fat cells. Once the cells are frozen, your body works them out and it’s like they were never there!

Am I a candidate for Emsculpt or Coolsculpting?

The ideal candidate for either of these treatments is someone who is already within 10 or 15 pounds of their goal weight. These are nonsurgical solutions with no downtime and are great for people who are already living a healthy and active lifestyle but are just looking for that extra push towards more definition and tone.

Trying to decide EmSculpt vs Coolsculpting? Book your consultation today!

Entre Nous is a premiere medspa offering body contouring in Menlo Park. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to get your questions answered about your candidacy for EmSculpt vs CoolSculpting or if using both can help you get that extra edge!

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