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Botox is a classic when it comes to wrinkle relief. As the first neuromodulator that the FDA approved, it’s been on the market the longest and it also works. But we’re living in the future! If you’ve been enjoying your Botox results but wish they lasted longer, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Our expert injectors at Entre Nous Aesthetics are highly trained and knowledgeable about all things skincare. When it comes to longer-lasting Botox, the secret is in your regular skincare routine. If you’re wondering how to make Botox last longer, you’ve come to the right place. So grab a tasty drink or snack and let’s dive on in!

Our top tip for making Botox last longer: skin care.

Here’s the thing about Botox: it provides stunning results, but it doesn’t do anything for the physical health of your skin. If you want your Botox results to really shine, you want to make sure you’re taking care of your skin in general.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath your skin so those muscles stop causing wrinkles. But muscle contractions aren’t the only thing that causes wrinkles! How your skin ages has a lot to do with it, too.

Level up your daily skincare game

Using medical-grade skincare products as part of your daily routine is a great place to start to slow the aging process. Medical-grade products have more potent active ingredients, like retinol, that help protect your skin’s most vital components: collagen and elastin. 

Collagen is what gives your skin volume and elastin helps it keep its shape. As we age our body produces less of these proteins over time, which leads to wrinkles and loose skin. 

The real secret to how to stay young-looking is reminding your body to keep producing collagen over time to keep your skin tight and glowing.

Combine with other aesthetic treatments

Using aesthetic treatments to treat the surface of your skin while Botox relaxes the muscles can improve your results and give you longer-lasting Botox. Broadband light therapy is one of our favorite treatments to pair with Botox. It helps keep the texture of your skin free of age spots and can even help reduce wrinkles, too.

Avoid sun damage and stay hydrated

These are the dream team when it comes to taking care of your skin and enhancing its general appearance. And like we said, the happier and healthier your skin is, the longer your Botox results will last.

Other ways to get longer-lasting Botox

Try out lower-intensity workouts

We love gym day as much as the next person, but high-intensity workouts that get your blood pumping can also impact your Botox results. 

That’s why it’s important to avoid strenuous exercise in the first couple of days after your injections. After that, there’s no relation and you can work out to your heart’s content!


Adding some more zen to your routine is good in multiple ways, and can also support longer-lasting Botox results. After all, if you’re trying to get rid of your frown lines, being happier and more relaxed will make that easier, right?

Stay healthy

There are obviously tons of benefits to maintaining your health. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and exercising regularly all contribute to your general health. Specifically, those vitamins and minerals support your skin’s health, which as we said, leads to longer-lasting Botox results!

Consider switching neuromodulators

Daxxify is our most exciting answer for our patients looking for answers to longer-lasting botox in Menlo Park. Entre Nous is one of the first providers of Daxxify in Menlo Park

Our highly trained injectors can provide customized treatment through strategic injections and results that last 2 and 3 times longer than traditional Botox injections.

Daxxify has entered the chat

We love Botox in Menlo Park and all its different applications. But in the great showdown of Botox vs Daxxify, who comes out on top? While we don’t think it necessarily has to be one or the other, we’re pretty big fans of Daxxify in the Entre Nous office. 

Faster results vs Botox

On average, Botox takes about a week to kick in for most patients. With Daxxify, some patients start to see results within just 24 hours with the full effects visible in a few days!

Longer-lasting Botox results

Daxxify is a neuromodulator that works just like Botox, with one small exception. Daxxify is created using peptides, which is what allows it to provide results that last 6 to 9 months to a year for some patients! Botox results tend to max out at 3 to 4 months.

Fewer injection appointments

If your results last longer, do you know what that means? Fewer trips to the office and more time enjoying your wrinkle-free skin!

Great for long-time Botox fans

If you’ve been a diehard Botox fan for a while, switching to Daxxify can mean getting to enjoy your results for much longer. There are no side effects from switching from one neuromodulator to another.

Minimal, if any side effects

The potential side effects of Daxxify are identical to Botox. Of course, there’s always the potential for bruising at the injection site. Visiting an expert injector makes it less likely you’ll experience any side effects.

Ok, what happens if I switch from Botox to Daxxify?

Switching neuromodulators is easy! More than that, some studies show it can be beneficial to rotate your neuromodulator use to avoid the dreaded Botox resistance or “neuromodulator creep,” where you start needing a larger amount of neuromodulator to achieve the same results over time.

Your body’s metabolism is the reason that Botox results fade over time, so the neuromodulator doesn’t stay in your system. 

Most patients don’t experience any side effects from switching neuromodulators. It’s also possible to use one neuromodulator in one spot and a different injectable in another area to help achieve your perfect look.

I’m ready to make the switch, how do I start?

If you’re a long-time Botox user, you can let your regular Entre Nous injector know and they’ll talk through what it looks like to switch. The dosing is different for Botox vs Daxxify so it’s important to visit an expert and discuss your desired results.

I’ve never used Botox, can I still use Daxxify?

Yes! It’s perfectly possible to start your neuromodulator journey with Daxxify, especially in the hands of expert injectors.

First, we’ll start with a consultation

At Entre Nous we always start our patients off with an in-depth consultation. During this conversation, we’ll discuss your concerns and your desired results. Your aesthetician will examine your skin and make a recommendation of where and how much Daxxify we’ll inject.

We’ll curate a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs. 

Treatment is quick and easy

We’re able to consult and treat on the same day for injectable appointments. The injecting process takes 15 to 30 minutes, and there’s no downtime afterward! You can go about your normal activities immediately after your appointment.

Results appear within a few days

With Daxxify, some patients experience results within 24 hours of their injections. Most patients will be able to notice full results within 1 to 3 days. Then you’ll enjoy your Daxxify results for 6 to 9 months!

How long your results last depends on your body’s unique chemistry and metabolism. Following our tips for longer-lasting Botox can also increase the length of your Daxxify results.

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The first step to getting the best Botox results is visiting an expert injector. Entre Nous is a premier provider of cosmetic injectables in Menlo Park and one of the first providers of Daxxify, the newest Botox alternative.

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