Simple and Easy Port Wine Stain Removal in the Bay Area

Port wine stains, also known as birthmarks, are present from birth. They’re most commonly seen on the face and are typically harmless to your physical health. That being said, having noticeable port wine stains can affect your self-confidence.

At Entre Nous Aesthetics we use the latest laser technology to provide our patients with port wine stain removal in the Bay Area. We believe in empowering our patients and their aesthetic goals. 

Treatments for port wine stains

Port wine stains are caused by dilated capillaries underneath the skin. They’re wider than normal, which is why port wine stains are red. Because they’re a pigment issue, port wine stains tend to respond best to pulsed dye lasers or broadband light treatments. We’ve got both at our medical spa in Menlo Park!


Our V-Beam Prima laser is a go-to treatment for rosacea, port wine stains, and other pigmentation issues. The pulses of light target and treat broken capillaries while leaving the healthy tissue unaffected. After a series of treatments, you’ll see your port wine stain start to fade.

BBL by Sciton

BBL by Sciton is a go-to treatment for a number of skin issues, including port wine stains! Our photofacial device uses light to target damaged skin without affecting the healthy tissue around it. There’s little to no downtime and you get the added perk of boosted collagen production, which brightens and volumizes your skin, too.

Which port wine stain treatment is right for me?

A consultation with a skincare specialist is the best way to know which treatment is best for your skin’s unique condition. 

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