When the Blush Won’t Stop: Rosacea Treatment in the Bay Area

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Blushing cheeks are the epitome of romance. We all love that flush that comes with a new love or when someone compliments your latest outfit. All that cuteness can quickly turn into a nightmare when the redness doesn’t go away and is accompanied by thickening skin and pustules that have you scrambling to the computer looking for rosacea treatment in the Bay Area. We know, that took a turn real quick.

You can’t get rosacea from blushing too much, but the redness is common on the cheeks and unfortunately, there is no cure. But don’t fret! At Entre Nous Aesthetics we specialize in developing customized treatment plans to help our patients manage their rosacea symptoms using laser therapy.

Options for rosacea treatment 

How we address your rosacea will depend on the severity of your symptoms. We can combine them for a treatment plan perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin.


Our V-Beam Prima laser is an advanced pulsed-dye laser. It uses different wavelengths to treat broken capillaries and shrink blood vessels that are causing your perpetual redness. We can also use it for cherry angiomas and port wine stain removal.

V-Beam is a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment for rosacea. It treats the troublesome spots while leaving your healthy tissue unaffected! The V-Beam also has the added benefit of stimulating collagen, which promotes your skin’s health in the long term.

The treatment is quick and virtually pain-free thanks to its cooling bursts. Most patients don’t even need an anesthetic! Our expert laser techs calibrate the device based on your needs to maximize your positive results.


BBL by Sciton is a go-to treatment for a number of skin issues, including rosacea! Our photofacial device uses flashes of light to selectively target damaged skin and make redness disappear without affecting the healthy tissue around it. 

The heat generated by the light waves also jumpstarts your body’s collagen production. Collagen is one of the building blocks of your skin that keeps you looking young and vibrant. Stimulating collagen production soothes a number of skin concerns and means that your skin will continue to improve even after your treatment.

BBL treatments don’t have any required downtime and can be used to treat sun damage, liver spots, and other signs of aging.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Later stages of rosacea can lead to thickened skin if it’s left untreated. At that point, we can utilize CO2 laser skin resurfacing to help restore the skin. 

Our CO2RE® laser is an advanced laser skin treatment that removes damaged skin and boosts the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to younger, healthier-looking skin. We can customize the treatment based on the severity of your rosacea.

During your treatment, your Entre Nous specialist will use the laser to artfully treat your rosacea. Two things happen during a laser treatment. First, the laser smooths away the outermost layer of your skin. At the same time, the energy is gently heating the lower layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production.

Are lasers an effective treatment for rosacea?

Studies have shown that light and laser treatments for rosacea can be very effective. This is because the devices treat damaged skin and promote healthier skin over time by boosting collagen production.

What causes rosacea?

Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes rosacea. And while it can affect anyone, it’s typically seen as a more common problem for women with fair skin between the ages of 30 and 50. This doesn’t mean that people with dark skin can’t get rosacea! In fact, rosacea might often be misdiagnosed in those with darker skin tones because their skin masks redness.

Factors that lead to rosacea:

  • Genetics and family history of rosacea
  • Gender
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Skin that burns easily in the sun

If you suspect you have rosacea, it’s important to get it looked at and treated because the condition can worsen over time and is connected to other health issues

How do I know if I have rosacea?

Rosacea appears primarily on the face. Occasionally, you might see symptoms on the neck or chest. But for the most part, unfortunately, rosacea likes to take center stage on the nose and cheeks. 

Some common symptoms of rosacea are:

  • Facial blushing that doesn’t go away
  • Visible veins
  • Swollen bumps and pimples, similar to acne
  • Burning or tenderness
  • Eye problems
  • Enlarged nose
  • Rough skin texture

Of course, getting a professional opinion via a skincare consultation is the best way to know for sure if you have rosacea.

How does stimulating collagen help rosacea?

Collagen is a critical component of your skin’s structure and vitality. As we age, our collagen production slows down, which may be part of the reason rosacea becomes more apparent for those in their 30s and beyond.

By getting your body to produce more collagen, we naturally strengthen the tissue and encourage your skin to make new cells. Newer, younger cells, make your skin look younger because it physically is younger.

What can I expect when I book a rosacea treatment in the Bay Area?

At Entre Nous, our expert aestheticians specialize in creating customized treatment plans for our patients. It’s our goal for you to achieve the look of your dreams.


All our treatment plans start with an in-depth consultation. During this conversation, we’ll ask about your relevant medical history, discuss your symptoms, and answer any questions you have about the treatment. After we assess your skin, we’ll curate a treatment plan to help you manage your rosacea symptoms.


We’ll design your treatment plan based on the severity of your rosacea symptoms. For mild rosacea symptoms, we may use BBL and recommend some at-home skincare products. More severe cases will benefit most from laser skin resurfacing.


Like we said earlier, unfortunately, rosacea cannot be cured. But with our state-of-the-art laser technology and proper skincare, you can manage your symptoms. Results from our rosacea treatment in the Bay Area can last 3 to 5 years, or longer! 

Maintain the results of your rosacea treatment

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to develop a regular skincare routine. As part of your consultation, our providers can recommend medical-grade skincare products to help manage your rosacea at home and in between your aesthetic treatments.

Medical-grade skincare is a game changer. It has a higher level of potent ingredients, which is why you can only buy it at medical spas. Better ingredients mean that your skin is less likely to get irritated and you’ll see better results than you would with over-the-counter brands.

Basic rosacea skincare routine:

These three steps are the foundation of a healthy skincare routine.

Gentle Cleanser

Rosacea isn’t caused by poor skin hygiene, but cleansing your skin regularly is good for it. Using a gentle cleanser is important because rosacea makes your skin more sensitive.


Hydration is key to your skin’s health, our bodies are mostly water after all. Keeping your skin moisturized helps protect it and reduce inflammation.


Sun protection is the most important thing you can do for your skin. If you do nothing else, you should be rocking an SPF of at least 35 on the daily.

You can customize your routine with other serums and products based on your skin’s unique profile. Ask your aesthetician for some recommendations during your consultation!

Also, avoid your triggers!

Rosacea flare-ups can be caused by a number of factors. Taking the time to figure out your specific triggers can help you manage your symptoms. Keeping a little diary or a note on your phone when you have a flare-up and possible causes is a great tool.

Common rosacea triggers:

  • Hot foods and drinks
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Extreme temperature changes (like hot showers)
  • Over-exertion during exercise
  • Allergies to skincare products
  • Over-exfoliating the skin
  • Sun exposure and burns
  • Certain medications

Visit Entre Nous for expert rosacea treatment in the Bay Area!

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Our expert laser technicians use their extensive knowledge of the skin and facial anatomy to use lasers to restore and rejuvenate your skin. We provide natural-looking results that are subtle enough to keep people guessing but effective enough that you’ll see the difference. 

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