Products that Help Regrow Hair After Chemo

Even though it’s one of the most effective methods of combating cancer, getting through chemotherapy is often difficult. It can change a lot about your life in a very short time. At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we want to do our part in supporting cancer survivors by giving them the tools they need to start feeling like themselves again after their journey.

We offer several options for hair restoration that can help regrow hair after chemo, including for the eyelashes and eyebrows. If you’re struggling to regrow hair after chemo or for another reason, reach out to an Entre Nous aesthetician today for a consultation about hair restoration.


Nutrafol is a medical-grade, natural alternative to help stimulate hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles. When you add the supplement to your regular routine, Nutrafol is scientifically proven to grow hair faster, longer, and stronger.


Certain chemotherapy drugs can also affect eyelashes. Latisse is formulated to help lengthen the growth stage of the eyelash, leading to longer and thicker lashes over time.

It’s the only FDA approved prescription treatment for eyelash regrowth. Our medically trained staff would be happy to meet with you to discuss whether Latisse would work for you.


Revitabrow is an eyebrow conditioner and growth serum. Physicians developed it to address thinning brows by strengthening the hairs.

Reclaim your confidence and beauty as a survivor.

It can be a long road to regrow hair after chemo. If you’re looking for support in that process, you’ll find it at Entre Nous Aesthetics. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, no matter what you’ve been through. 

Give us a call or book a consultation today. We also offer PRP hair restoration as an alternative or in combination with the products above. 

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