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Jane S. Weston, MD

The Birth of Entre Nous Aesthetics

Aesthetics / July 15, 2020


It’s been a year since I left Atherton and transitioned my practice to Menlo Park. To say that it’s been a year of change and transition is to understate the obvious. Over the course of this year, I have heard so many rumors about myself and my practice (!!) that I feel compelled to share my story with you – the how’s and the why’s of all this change.


In 2017, knowing that my lease was going to expire in May of 2018, I started considering future options. At this point, I had worked side by side with my physician assistant, Sandra Ewers, for many years. Over the years, she and I witnessed an explosion in the field of non-invasive rejuvenating technologies and treatments. We realized that there was an opportunity to expand the services we had to offer. We formalized our partnership and set our sights on transitioning our non-invasive and minimally-invasive practice into a medical spa.


In 2001 I settled into practice in Atherton after moving into the office of retiring plastic surgeon and laser pioneer, Dr. David Apfelberg. I had the luxury of running my own operating room (Atherton Plastic Surgery Center) and had the unique opportunity to learn about laser-based procedures from one of the world’s leading laser experts. Over the ensuing 18 years, both my surgical and non-surgical practice grew and I had the privilege of caring for a wonderful group of patients.


We run a competition among staff members to come up with the perfect name for our new venture. Knowing how much I enjoyed the time I worked and studied in Paris, many staff members suggested names with a French flair

The moment I heard Entre Nous Aesthetics, I knew we had found the perfect name. Entre Nous (on-truh noo) is French for “just between us” andit captures the intimacy, privacy and special trust that is so important to me in my relationship with each patient. Sandra agreed and ENTRE NOUS AESTHETICS was born!


The mission of my surgical practice and or Entre Nous Aesthetics is to help men and women present their best selves to the world. …. And it’s not just about appearance. After 25+ years of helping men and women look their best, I came to appreciate how much they desire to present one’s best self is associated with wellness. I observed the times when people stopped caring about their appearance and it was inevitably when they were ill, in pain, or depressed. I was reminded of “the positive lipstick sign” which I had observed many times as a surgical resident. The day we’d walk into a female patient’s room and see lipstick on her face — that was the day we’d know that the patient was ready for discharge. Her external appearance was reflecting her restored sense of wellbeing.


Aging is difficult enough, but when surrounded by the youth-oriented culture of Silicon Valley, it is even more challenging.As Entre Nous Aesthetics takes form, we are creating partnerships with other specialists who can play a part in preparing our patients to face the world with restored confidence. We invite you to be part of our journey.


After a lengthy search in the Bay Area real estate market, Sandra and I found a perfect location in Menlo Park that Entre Nous Aesthetics could call home! Many months followed that were filled with permits, plans, and construction work, and we experienced way more “change” than we could have possibly imagined! But patience paid off and we have now been rewarded with a lovely, comfortable, and spacious new home in the heart of downtown Menlo Park


We are so grateful for the patience and loyalty our patients have demonstrated over the past year. As challenging as these changes have been for us, we recognize how difficult it has been for you, our patients. Changing addresses (more than we could possibly have imagined), limited resources, unpredictable schedules, changing personnel, loss of connection, and loss of that wonderful sense of being “known”… Each of these obstacles has tried your loyalty and, no doubt, have led to frustration and perhaps disillusionment. And yet, so many of you have trusted us enough to persevere and wait for the connection and caring to be restored.


Meanwhile, I have continued my surgical practice, operating at the Plastic Surgery Center in Palo Alto, Menlo Park Surgical Hospital and Sequoia Hospital. My practice remains focused on surgery of the breast, face and body. Surgery has been and continues to be my zen.

For me, SURGERY presents a perfect blend of focus, skill, problem-solving, creativity, and art – all with the goal of making someone happy.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my days! Having the ability to offer services that range from minimally invasive to surgical allows me to individually tailor my recommendations to each patient I see.