Treat Yourself in 2022 to the 3 Best Facials in Palo Alto

A woman relaxes before a facial treatment in Menlo Park

At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we strive to provide every guest in our office with a relaxing, personalized experience from the moment they walk in the door. 

From injectables to laser resurfacing and medical exfoliation, our team is highly trained and experienced in providing the best possible treatment for your unique needs. 

Today, we’re highlighting the best, quickest, little-to-no downtime facials available in Palo Alto in 2022.

LED Light Therapy

Length: 20 minutes

Downtime: None

Treats: Inflammation, Minor Volume Loss

Not all light wavelengths are bad for the skin! In fact, LED light has therapeutic properties and can target and remove impurities. This facial first uses red light to soothe inflammation and boost collagen production. Then, we apply blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria, treat active breakouts, and prevent new breakouts. Finally, we use near-infrared light to smooth wrinkles and improve elasticity. This final wavelength reaches deeper into the skin for longer lasting effects—all in just a 20-minute session!

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High Frequency Diode

Length: 20 minutes

Downtime: None

Treats: Acne, Clogged Pores

The bacteria most often associated with acne breakouts, inflammation, clogged pores, and production of oily sebum is called p. acnes. If you often suffer from acne, a high frequency diode acne treatment may be the best thing you can do for your skin in 2022!

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Length: 45 minutes

Downtime: None

Treats: Dry Skin, Dullness, Uneven Skin Tone

If you can only get ONE facial in 2022, make it the HydraFacial. Its three-step process provides both physical and chemical exfoliation to clear away dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This makes way for step 2: pore extractions (aka, one of the most satisfying things ever!). After removing dirt and bacteria from your pores, we can infuse skin-loving serums into the skin for ultimate absorption.

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Get custom care advice from Entre Nous Aesthetics!

Entre Nous is the go-to med spa in Menlo Park—for good reason! We have state-of-the-art technology, highly trained staff, and luxury offices to give our clients the best experience possible. 

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