Acne Scar Reduction

acne scar treatment in Menlo Park

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Overcoming acne is a long and frustrating battle. Once you’ve finally won, however, you may be left with a lasting reminder in the form of scars, redness, or dark spots. Try as you might, acne scars are nearly impossible to treat on your own. Using an assortment of medical techniques, we can improve the appearance of your acne-scarred skin at Entre Nous Aesthetics, in Menlo Park.




Minimal to no downtime
Noticeable improvement

Conditions It Treats

Acne scars of all shapes and sizes
Acne-related red spots
Dark spots & hyperpigmentation

Areas It Treats


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How It Works

Acne scar treatment in Menlo Park

At Entre Nous Aesthetics, our experienced skin specialists offer a comprehensive treatment for acne scars in Menlo Park using a variety of different methods and products. To determine the best course of treatment for you, we will see you for an evaluation and analyze your acne scars.

Depending on the depth and severity of your scarring, your budget, your tolerance for downtime, and your goals for treatment, our aesthetic specialists will prepare a treatment plan that may include dermal fillers, needle subcision, fractional & ablative laser treatments, microneedling, acid peels, and/or topical treatments and products. These advanced methods, paired with our detail-focused staff, will help clients achieve smoother skin with improved texture and tone.

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