dermaplaning in Menlo Park

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Enhance Your Skincare Routine

Gentle, yet powerful exfoliation

Skin that’s free of vellus hairs (AKA “peach fuzz”) and dead skin cells is much more radiant, healthy, and smooth. Dermaplaning in Menlo Park at Entre Nous Aesthetics is a quick, painless solution to refreshing the complexion. This treatment will enhance the efficacy of your topical skincare products by enabling them to penetrate deeper into your skin.




Immediate results
No downtime
Safe for all skin types
Topical skincare penetrates deeper

Conditions It Treats

Vellus hairs (“peach fuzz”)
Dull skin
Dehydrated skin
Rough texture
Fine lines
Uneven skin tone

Areas It Treats

Upper lip

How It Works

Dermaplaning in Menlo Park

Dermaplaning involves gently sweeping a surgical-grade scalpel across the skin at a 45-degree angle. This technique removes dead skin cells, peach fuzz, scar tissue, and other debris that congests the complexion and causes your skin to appear dull.

Suitable for all skin types, dermaplaning is a lunch-hour treatment that can be completed within 30 minutes at our office. There is no recovery or downtime and our guests notice instantly brighter, smoother skin.

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