Tear Trough Under-Eye Treatment

under eye filler in Menlo Park

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Enliven Your Eyes

Banish your darkest under eye circles

Hollow, dark undereye areas can impact the appearance of the face, making you look more tired or older than you really are. Dark under eye shadows and puffy “bags” are often the result of genetics, and even the most luxurious eye creams are powerless to fight them. Before you are ready for surgery, you’ll find that under eye filler in Menlo Park can restore a more refreshed appearance to your eyes and face.




Non-surgical & discreet
Immediate results
No downtime
Long-lasting results
Quick, in-office procedure

Conditions It Treats

Dark under eye circles
Under eye hollowness
“Tear trough deformity”

How It Works

Under eye filler in Menlo Park

Tear trough correction with under eye fillers is an amazing non-surgical solution for a tired and aged appearance. Using hyaluronic acid fillers from either the Juvéderm® or Galderma families, we can effectively fill in the hollow area under the eye, replacing lost volume and improving the under eye contour.

We will create a treatment plan tailored to your unique facial shape and concerns during your consultation. After a quick, in-office injection appointment, clients leave looking better rested and more youthful. The effects of under eye fillers can usually be enjoyed for about 12 months before another appointment is needed.

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