Full-Body Rejuvenation With Age Spot Treatments in San Jose

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Your age can feel less and less private when your skin starts to show it. At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we’re here to help you do things on your own terms—that is to say, to reverse signs of aging with cutting-edge rejuvenation treatments that’ll have you feeling confident and radiant again in no time.

What are age spots?

Age spots, also called liver spots or sun spots, are gray, black, or brown spots that can appear on your skin as you age, especially in places that get a lot of direct sunlight exposure. These areas frequently include the face and back of the hands, but they can also occur on the arms, legs, back, and anywhere else that’s seen more than its fair share of sunshine.

Are age spots dangerous?

Let’s set the record straight: Age spots are not cancerous or dangerous. Getting age spot treatments in the Bay Area is a matter of aesthetics, not acute or preventative care. You don’t need to worry about age spots becoming cancerous over time, but we highly recommend you see your doctor if you’re unsure about what kind of discolored spots you have. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor if a spot:

  • Has an irregular border
  • Is black
  • Is increasing in size
  • Is bleeding 
  • Has an unusual combination of colors 

Your Age Spot Treatments in San Jose

Let’s explore a few of our most popular options!

Chemical Peels

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Getting a chemical peel in the Bay Area can help rewind the clock on your skin by gently removing the outer layers where sun damage (like age spots) accumulates. By removing the dead and damaged skin, chemical peels stimulate your body to grow new, smooth, and glowing skin. 

At Entre Nous, we offer light skin peels and medium-depth peels, but your expert aesthetician will customize your chemical peel to suit your unique skin needs and goals. 


BBL® by Sciton uses intense pulses of broadband light to revitalize your skin by stimulating collagen production and by breaking down melanin-containing cells. Excess pigmentation, including age spots, freckles, and angiomas, can be erased with BBL in treatment sessions lasting as little as 10 minutes. Best results may require 3 to 4 treatments spaced out over a number of weeks.

Fraction CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Any list of age spot treatments in San Jose would be incomplete without fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Entre Nous uses the CO2RE® laser by Candela to create a controlled injury. Doing so stimulates skin regeneration and radically improves discolored areas like age spots. 

Your experienced provider will walk you through what to expert (in terms of treatment details and downtime) and customize the depth and intensity of your treatment to suit you.

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At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we’re passionate about giving every patient an experience that reflects their unique, individual needs, no matter if you’re dealing with age spots, cellulite, or another concern. Whether it’s your first time seeking aesthetic care, or you’re taking the next steps in your rejuvenation journey with age spot treatments in San Jose, we’re here to help you achieve beautiful, natural results. 

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