Does Microneedling Hurt? | What You Need To Know About Skin Tightening

An Entre Nous provider uses the Profound device to administer a skin tightening treatment on a woman's face

As we age, our skin starts sagging for any number of reasons. Weight loss and gravity are significant contributors, but so is the slowing of our skin’s natural processes.

Collagen is an essential part of our body’s structure. It’s also a key component in the strength and elasticity of our skin. Our body produces less collagen as we age, which leads to signs of aging in the skin.

If you’re looking for skin tightening that is non-invasive and promotes your skin’s natural collagen production, we’ve got the treatment for you!

At Entre Nous Aesthetics our team of expert aestheticians use revolutionary treatments to help you achieve the look of your dreams. 

Microneedling in Menlo Park | Does microneedling hurt?

The idea of having needles in your skin probably has you wondering, does microneedling hurt? Like many of our skin care treatments, we’re using technology that partners with your body’s natural processes.

How it Works

Profound RF Microneedling uses a combination of miniature needles and radiofrequency technology. It only takes one non-surgical treatment to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. 

The needles create tiny dermal wounds in your skin, which your body will heal naturally. This stimulates your production of collage, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, the things that keep skin looking young.

Meanwhile, the RF energy penetrates deep into the dermis layer of your skin, gently heating and enhancing the tissue and invoking collagen production on a cellular level.

This treatment is safe for all skin types and complexions. Patients may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, but it is not overtly painful. 

If you have more sensitive skin, you’re more likely to experience discomfort. That’s why we generally recommend avoiding abrasive skin care products, like retinol, right before your skin care treatments.


It’s important to understand the results from this treatment are not instant. But the best part about Profound RF Microneedling is that it only requires one treatment! Full results will appear 6 to 12 months after treatment. 

This procedure utilizes the natural healing processes in your skin, so even after your microneedling treatment at Entre Nous, your body will continue to generate fresh, new cells at a faster rate than before. This results in gorgeous, silky smooth skin!

You will experience even better results by following an awesome skin care routine after your skin has fully healed.

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