Using Retinol After Laser Treatments: A Quick Guide

woman applying retinol after laser treatments

So, you’ve been following your best summer skin care routine and are looking at scheduling your fall laser treatments. You may be wondering, “How do my skin care products affect my laser treatment?”A lot of our patients often ask about the use of retinol and laser treatments.

The experts at Entre Nous are here to help with all your skin care needs. We’re always happy to give our advice on specific products and treatments. 

Today we’re going to take a closer look at using retinol after laser treatments.

Quick Rundown: How Retinol Products Work

Made from vitamin A, retinols are products that are primarily used for anti-aging and acne. They are over-the-counter and not the same thing as prescription retinoids.

They work very similar to some laser treatments because they encourage your skin’s natural healing process. 

Retinol products cause your skin to shed dead cells faster and replace them with new cells. While this helps keep your skin firm, smooth, and gorgeous, it can increase your skin’s sensitivity.

Retinol and Laser Treatments in Menlo Park

Generally, you should stop using retinol, along with other topical skincare products prior to your laser treatment. Especially products that include acids or benzoyl peroxide.

Because retinol increases your skin’s sensitivity, it can impact the effectiveness of your laser treatment and lead to complications. It’s also a good idea to pause your use before other skin care treatments like microneedling, for the same reason.

During your comprehensive consultation your Entre Nous aesthetician will go over your regular skin routine. Then they will recommend specific adjustments you should make prior to your laser treatment.

It’s a good idea to steer clear of products that use retinol after laser treatments for at least a couple weeks. Particularly while your skin is still healing.

Questions about skin care products and laser treatments?

Our team at Entre Nous Aesthetics is passionate about each patient having a customized treatment plan for the skin of their dreams. This often includes a combination of aesthetic procedures and skin care products.

We offer a virtual consultation tool that can help you identify possible treatments based on your self-identified needs. And, of course, you’re always welcome to schedule an in person visit with one of our expert aestheticians!