How to Get High Cheekbones | The Best Method From the Medical Aesthetics Experts in Menlo Park

If you’ve ever looked up “how to get high cheekbones” before, you’ll see tips for makeup, facial exercises, and other methods that share the goal of giving you that supermodel bone structure. 

However, chances are those methods just aren’t cutting it. If you want a long-lasting solution, we’ve got you covered with non-surgical cheekbone enhancement

Serving Menlo Park and all of San Mateo county, Entre Nous Aesthetics is the premier destination for all your medical aesthetics needs, including cheekbone contouring and other facial revitalization techniques! Our number one priority is making you feel safe and comfortable as you continue on your journey to your most beautiful self yet! If that version of you has gorgeous cheekbones that could cut glass, then keep reading to see how to make that happen. 

How to get high cheekbones | cheekbone contour

Cheekbone contouring treatment at Entre Nous Aesthetics is a quick, non-surgical, and pain-free procedure  discreet office. Getting higher-looking, more defined cheekbones has never been simpler. 

How it works

We use dermal fillers like Sculptra and Juvederm to strategically enhance your natural features. Your expert injector marks the areas for injection, and carefully and precisely fills the areas to create a more defined, contoured, and overall youthful appearance.

Recovery and results

Cheekbone and facial contouring at Entre Nous Aesthetics requires absolutely no downtime. The results are immediately visible, and patients report feeling completely revitalized by their enhanced cheekbones! 

Typically, you can enjoy the results of your newly defined cheekbones for 6 to 8 months before requiring maintenance sessions. 

Set up a consultation today

Our in-depth consultation process is one of our most valuable tools to ensure you are happy with your results. We use the consultation to discuss your unique needs and desired aesthetic outcomes, and use this information to completely customize your treatment plan.

With cheekbone contouring, this means we personalize the amount of filler we inject, and where precisely we inject it, so that your results are specific to your unique facial features. Set up a consultation with us today to discuss how to get high cheekbones and feel absolutely fantastic in your skin. We can’t wait to work with you