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Looking for how to speed up your recovery time after a laser skin rejuvenation treatments? Good aftercare is essential! Depending on your specific treatment and treatment areas, aftercare will vary. Keep the following tips in mind 👇

Protect your skin from the sun 🌞

Your skin is ultra-sensitive immediately after laser skin rejuvenation, so you must protect it during this time (and always)! 

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Stay indoors

Staying inside is easier said than done, but this can help your skin recover faster. Excessive heat and sun exposure can hinder your skin’s healing, so take a day or two (depending on the depth of your treatment) and give your skin some downtime.

Wear SPF 30 or higher and reapply

Any skin professional will harp on you to wear sunscreen, and this is especially true after a skin resurfacing procedure! Find a sunscreen you like and wear SPF 30 or higher, no matter if you’re staying in or going outside. 

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Hangout in the shade

If you can’t stay indoors, pick a shady spot under a porch, tree, umbrella, etc. You’ll beat the heat and help protect your skin 😎

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Wear sun-safe clothing and hats

If you’ve had treatment on an area like your hands, arms, chest, or legs, it’s easy to cover up with lightweight, breathable clothing. We also love sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, visor, or even a sun-safe face shield

Use professional skincare products

After your laser skin rejuvenation in Menlo Park with an Entre Nous provider, we will go over detailed aftercare instructions so you can heal quickly and get the best results possible.

One of our favorite post-laser products is the Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar.

This product calms post-procedure skin and helps reduce recovery & downtime. You can also use it before your skin procedure to prepare your skin!

Take It Easy

Rest and recovery might sound like it’s all about what you can’t do, but it’s ultimately about how you can actively speed up your recovery and get the most out of your results. 

Refrain from Strenuous Activities 

As tempting as it may be to get back to the gym, you’ll need to avoid heavy, strenuous exercise and any other physical activities that could cause excessive sweating. This can further irritate the skin, causing your skin to break out or even develop a skin infection.

The depth of your treatment for laser skin rejuvenation in Menlo Park can influence the number of days you’ll want to take it easy, but we often recommend giving your recovering skin at least 4 sweat-free days. 

Take a Break from the Pool

Swimming can cause you to sweat, and the pool can also introduce your healing skin to irritating chemicals and infection-causing bacteria. 

Stay Cool

Avoiding excessive heat outdoors and indoors (including saunas) doesn’t just help keep your skin comfortable as it heals from laser skin rejuvenation in Menlo Park. It can also help prevent excessive sweating, which, as we mentioned earlier, can irritate your skin and increase your risk of developing a skin infection post-treatment.  

Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Optimizing your skincare routine for recovery can help you enjoy better results sooner and for longer. 

Cleanse Gently

Although your recovering skin will be extra sensitive after getting laser skin rejuvenation in Menlo Park, it’s still important to keep it clean. The last thing you want is to slow down the healing process with a skin infection. With this in mind, wash your hands first before touching your face.

Be sure to cleanse your skin however many times a day your Entre Nous provider recommends. Like most of the tips we’ve provided, this can vary depending on the patient, the chosen treatment area, and the depth of the laser rejuvenation treatment. 

When cleansing, it’s generally best to use warm water and a gentle cleanser. Avoid using hot water, rubbing your skin excessively, or having direct contact with shower spray.

Your provider might also recommend waiting for a prescribed period of time before cleansing for the first time after getting laser skin rejuvenation in Menlo Park. 

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

If you’re hoping for a speedy recovery, you’re going to need to keep your skin happy and hydrated. That means staying on top of moisturizing as your skin heals and your results develop.  

Use a gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin every time you cleanse your skin. As your skin heals, the most effective moisturizing solution may change. In other words, we may recommend one moisturizer for you to use immediately after treatment and another moisturizer to use once your healing is a little further along. 

Your Entre Nous provider will walk you through which moisturizers to use throughout the recovery process. 

Wait a While Before Using Harsh Ingredients

We understand that your normal skincare routine may be a familiar and even reassuring habit, but there are definitely products and ingredients you’ll want to skip for a while after treatment. As a general rule of thumb, avoid any exfoliating skincare products or products containing retinoids. 

For a complete list of skincare products and ingredients to avoid while your skin heals, talk to your Entre Nous provider.

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