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All-natural facial rejuvenation procedures are increasing in demand, yet patients have very few options available—until now. Entre Nous Aesthetics is excited to introduce the revolutionary PRF EZ Gel, an autologous regenerative gel that uses the body’s own powerful proteins for skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, this month we offer a special promotion: purchase the EZ Gel treatment and receive one complimentary service of your choice. Choose between one vial of Kybella, one area of neuromodulator, one treatment of Skinvive, or a 3-month supply of SoMe.

What is PRF EZ Gel?

PRF EZ Gel, an all-natural solution, comes directly from the patient’s blood. This innovative treatment offers extended-release growth factors and biostimulation from Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). Practitioners create the gel by isolating beneficial cells and growth factors from harvested plasma, then heating and cooling this enriched concentrate to form a natural, smooth biostimulating gel – a great alternative to HA Filler.


EZ Gel, a 100% natural solution from the patient’s own blood, offers numerous benefits:

– Extended Release of Growth Factors: The gel provides a prolonged release of growth factors, enhancing the skin’s regenerative processes.
– Versatile Applications: EZ Gel can address a variety of concerns, including undereye circles and hollows, as well as an aged and tired appearance.
– Combination with Other Treatments: It can be used alone or with synthetic fillers and neurotoxins, appealing to a wide range of patients.


PRF EZ Gel excels in undereye rejuvenation, addressing common concerns like hollowing, discoloration, and a tired appearance. This natural solution often achieves noticeable improvements in just two sessions.

– Hollowing: The gel restores volume and fills in the hollows under the eyes, creating a more youthful and rested look.
– Discoloration: PRF EZ Gel reduces dark circles by promoting better blood circulation and skin regeneration, leading to a brighter undereye area.
– Collagen Production: By stimulating collagen production, the gel enhances skin elasticity and firmness, providing long-lasting results and preventing further hollowing and sagging.


First, the practitioner assesses the amount of gel needed to address the patient’s specific areas of concern. Then, they spin the blood at varying speeds to isolate the albumin component and growth factors. After heating the albumin and preparing the growth factors and stem cells, the practitioner combines these components to create the gel. This gel is then injected into the desired areas using a microcannula, making it ideal for treating areas where fillers and biostimulators are not easily used, such as the undereye area, perioral area, and brow region for hair stimulation.


EZ Gel allows for customized treatments aimed at collagen stimulation, regeneration, and skin rejuvenation. It is particularly effective for restoring volume loss due to trauma, previous skin steroid injections, or vascular occlusion from synthetic injectable fillers. The natural and subtle enhancement it provides is perfect for patients seeking a refreshed appearance without synthetic products.


PRP companies typically measure their platelet concentration using the bottom of their concentrate, closest to the separating gel. When spinning too fast, it sends the cells to the bottom, creating an imbalanced concentration. Conversely, the higher the collection point, the less concentrated the sample becomes.

Generally, the bottom one-third can be considered PRP, while the top two-thirds is actually PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma). For effective results, it is crucial to only use the bottom one-third above the gel, which is about 2 cc from a 10 ml tube. Using the top portion, you dilute the solution with pure plasma (water), reducing the treatment’s efficacy.

Special Promotion at Entre Nous Aesthetics

We are thrilled to offer a special promotion this month: purchase an EZ Gel treatment and receive one complimentary service of your choice.

Curious what your options are? Specifically, choose from:

  • One vial of Kybella
  • One area of neuromodulator
  • One treatment of Skinvive
  • A 3-month supply of SoMe

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Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! Schedule your EZ Gel treatment today and experience the transformative power of all-natural skin rejuvenation.

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