Menlo Park Skin Experts Weigh In: Say Goodbye To Sun-Damaged Skin On Arms, Legs, And More!

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A lot of us are familiar with laser treatments for the face and neck. There’s another part of the body that shouldn’t be neglected either: our arms! 

While our face is clearly the most exposed to the elements throughout the year, it’s important to remember it’s possible to end up with sun-damaged skin on your arms and legs, too! Especially during the warmer months when we’re hanging at the beach in our swimsuits.

At Entre Nous Aesthetics our expert laser technicians can treat sun-damaged skin on arms, legs, and other areas of the body, too! 

How does a laser heal sun damage?

At first, it can seem odd to think that we can use a laser to treat sun damage. We all know the damage that UV rays can cause, but thanks to laser technology we can use light energy to heal our skin, too! 

We use CO2 laser skin resurfacing to help our patients remove sun damage on the arms, legs, and face. It’s our go-to laser skin treatment in Menlo Park because of how effective it is.

If you’re interested in a less aggressive treatment, our BBL by Sciton is also great for less severe sun damage.

2 things happen during laser treatments

First, the laser removes the damaged skin in the outer layers. Think of it like a deep exfoliation treatment. This is why we can use lasers as an effective scar removal treatment near Palo Alto, too!

At the same time, the laser is gently heating up the lower layers of your skin. The energy kick starts your body’s natural healing process and stimulates the production of collagen and skin cells. Your skin looks and feels younger because it’s literally producing new skin cells.

Erase sun damage on your arms and other areas with laser resurfacing at Entre Nous

If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun and have been skimping on your SPF, all is not lost. We can help heal your sun-damaged skin and leave it looking like new! Our expert aestheticians have the tools to make it happen using our suite of laser treatments in San Jose

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