Caring For Your Skin After Hitting The Beach

woman smiling on the beach getting tips for after sun skincare

While a beach vacation is definitely good for the soul (and vitamin D production), that excess sun, sand, pool water, and salty air exposure can leave you feeling, not to mention looking, dried out, dull, and over-sunned. 

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If you’re ready for a beauty reset after your spring break trip, honeymoon, or any other seaside vacation, consider the after sun skin care advice from the skin experts at Entre Nous Aesthetics in Menlo Park.

After Sun Skin Care Tips & Products


Spending too much time in the sand, sun, and water makes the upper layers of your skin dry, damaged, and dead. It’s important to slough all this away with a great sugar-based body scrub and top quality chemical exfoliants for your face. 

Skipping this super important first step means addressing the rest of your post-beach skin woes may be a bit of an uphill battle. Get rid of that dead upper layer of skin to let healthy new skin cells shine through!


Besides extra sun, sand, and salt exposure, a beach vacation also might include erratic sleep schedules, long flights, and fluctuations in your diet. Late nights and dessert and drinks with every meal might fly on vacay, but it’s time to get back on track! 

Start drinking a lot of water (pro tip: squeezing in a lemon helps!) to bring balance back to your cells and hydrate your skin from the inside out. 

Besides upping your water intake, get to moisturizing–especially after showering and exfoliating.

Fight Sun Damage ASAP

Though the damage the sun causes to your DNA is permanent (wear sunscreen and wide hats, please!), you can treat the lasting aesthetic effects like sun spots, freckles, decreased elasticity, and premature wrinkles.

If any of the above causes concern, we suggest scheduling a consultation at Entre Nous Aesthetics to let our skin experts evaluate your skin and sun damage to make recommendations on how to proceed.

To treat sun damage after your beach vacation, we may suggest one, or several, of the following treatments:

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