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Looking to give your face a little pick-me-up? Non surgical facial contouring treatments from Entre Nous provide the aesthetic benefits of facial surgery without the downtime, invasive procedures, and intense recovery. 

Below we’ve outlined 3 of our most impactful non surgical facial contouring treatments that could be just the transformation you’re looking for. 


Botox banishes fine lines and wrinkles non-surgically and non-invasively. It is one of the most popular, effective, and time-tested treatments we offer in Menlo Park.

When injected into the facial muscles by a professional, Botox prevents the facial muscles from contracting, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing new lines from forming.

Botox is extremely effective with repeat injections every 3 to 5 months.

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IPL Photofacial

No matter your age or skin type, no one is immune to the rays of the sun ☀️  Excess sun exposure contributes to premature aging, wrinkles, skin sagging, and brown spots. On a different wavelength, LED and infrared light can be therapeutic to the skin, targeting and eliminating imperfections, and even reversing sun damage.

Our state-of-the-art intense pulsed light (IPL) device can provide photorejuvenation to any area of the skin. While they will not alter the dimension of your face, IPL Photofacials can help heal enlarged pores, acne scars, and other uneven textures on the surface of the skin. 

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IPL Photofacials are most effective after a series of treatments, and results show up best after a few weeks of healing time. 

PDO Thread Lift

Get your face ✨snatched✨ before a photo-op with a PDO Thread Lift: a non-surgical lifting procedure using polydioxanone (PDO) threads. The threads are inserted into the deep surface of your skin to reinforce the structural integrity of your face or neck, giving the effect of a surgical facelift. The threads are dissolvable, with results lasting up to 9 months. 

While the recovery time is extremely minimal, we recommend allowing a minimum of 4 weeks for any swelling or bruising to subside before admiring your full results.

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