A Timeline for Your Beauty Routine Before An Event in Menlo Park

Have something major coming up in your life? Med spa treatments are a show-stopping way to supplement your beauty routine before an event like a wedding, graduation, vacation, or other celebration! 

From body sculpting to laser resurfacing and facial rejuvenation—at Entre Nous Aesthetics, we have tons of amazing treatment options to help you look and feel your best for any occasion under the sun ☀️ 

No matter when your event is, or how long you have to prepare, here’s your timeline guide for your beauty routine before an event in Menlo Park.

Start with a consultation

Step #1 of an amazing beauty routine before an event or trip is to schedule a consultation. Our expert team of providers and aestheticians will meet with you to recognize your goals and build a custom treatment plan to fit your budget and timeline.

Everyone’s pre-event timeline will look different, but we’ve compiled a list of stellar recommendations as you get closer to your celebration or adventure ⏰

Countdown: 3–6 months before your event

Starting your beauty routine months before an event means you can take a look at the big picture first 📸  Body sculpting treatments often take time before showing results, or need a series of sessions to ensure that you get results you’ll love for a lifetime! Here are a couple of popular aesthetic treatments for your pre-season prep:


Lie back, relax, and let our CoolSculpting treatment transform your body! Despite dedicated diet and exercise efforts, many people experience stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that targets and freezes fat cells. Frozen fat cells die and are eliminated as waste without harming the tissue around them. Like magic ✨

While a single CoolSculpting session may only last 30 minutes to an hour, a series of sessions over a period of months will get you the best results. That’s why we recommend scheduling your CoolSculpting regimen for 3-6 months ahead of your event.


The first of its kind, QWO is a cosmetic injectable designed to treat cellulite at its source. Cellulite is caused by 3 factors: thinning of the skin over time, fat cells being pushed against the skin, and fibrous bands underneath the skin that cause tension and dimples. QWO works to break up the fibrous bands causing dimpling, smoothing out the surface of the skin from within!

QWO is administered in 3 targeted treatments at least 21 days apart from each other. Because the injection process is about 10 weeks in total, we recommend making this treatment the very first step in your beauty routine before an event.

Countdown: 2–3 months before your event

During the season of your event is the perfect time to really hone in on problem areas and targeting specific skin struggles. None of our aesthetic procedures require months of downtime, but sometimes the extra weeks of love and care can make all the difference. For amazing results, schedule these treatments 2–3 months before your event.


Localized pockets of fat under the chin or in the crease of the armpit can be exceptionally resistant to traditional weight loss methods. Kybella is the first non-surgical injectable treatment for reducing and eliminating these stubborn pads of fats.

The injections are made of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which breaks down and destroys fat cells in the weeks following your Kybella treatment. Because of this, we recommend giving your treatment multiple months to take full effect before your event or trip.

Laser Resurfacing

Specific skin concerns like acne scars, sun damage, enlarged pores, and more are no match for our laser skin treatments! Our advanced laser tool creates a controlled injury to the skin that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that help your skin look plump, even, and smooth.

Our laser technicians customize all laser skin resurfacing treatments to your goals, skin quality, tolerance for downtime, and budget, meaning recovery time looks different for everyone. To be on the safe side, we recommend budgeting at least 7-10 days of downtime, and a couple of months to allow your skin to fully heal before attending a major event or exposing it to the sun.

Countdown: 4-6 weeks before your event

Let the beautification process begin! Many of our aesthetic procedures, like injectables and threading, require minimal downtime but may need a few weeks for swelling to calm and the treatments to take their full effect. With careful planning, these treatments can upgrade your beauty routine before an event in Menlo Park. 


Botox can banish fine lines and wrinkles non-surgically and non-invasively. As one of the most popular, effective, and time-tested treatments we offer in Menlo Park, it is the perfect addition to your beauty routine before an event or trip.

When injected into the facial muscles by a professional, Botox prevents the facial muscles from contracting, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing new lines from forming.

Botox is extremely effective, but requires repeat injections every 3 to 5 months. A helpful tip is to plan out your injection appointments so that your event falls evenly between them. That way, your treatments are at their best for your big day.

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IPL Photofacial

No matter your age or skin type, no one is immune to the rays of the sun ☀️  Excess sun exposure contributes to premature aging, wrinkles, skin sagging, and brown spots. On a different wavelength, LED and infrared light can be therapeutic to the skin, targeting and eliminating imperfections—even reversing sun damage.

Our state-of-the-art intense pulsed light (IPL) device can provide photorejuvenation to any area of the skin. IPL Photofacials are most effective after a series of treatments, and results show up best after a few weeks of healing time. The best plan is to schedule your last IPL session for at least 4 weeks ahead of your event or trip!

woman adds an IPL photofacial to her beauty routine before an event in Menlo Park

PDO Thread Lift

Get your face ✨snatched✨ before a photo-op with a PDO Thread Lift: a non-surgical lifting procedure using polydioxanone (PDO) threads. The threads are inserted into the deep surface of your skin to reinforce the structural integrity of your face or neck, giving the effect of a surgical facelift. The threads are dissolvable, with results lasting up to 9 months. 

While the recovery time is extremely minimal, we recommend allowing a minimum of 4 weeks for any swelling or bruising to subside before your event.

To the salon!

We don’t offer hair cutting or coloring services at our office, but this would be a great point in your beauty routine before an event to freshen up your ‘do. Everyone wants that perfect balance between fresh and lived-in 💇‍♀️  A tip from us: plan your pre-event trip to the salon for around one month in advance!

Countdown: less than one month before your event

Any treatments you choose to add to your beauty routine right before an event should be focused on refreshing and hydrating the skin. The time for lasers and needles has passed. Make way for serums, scalpels, and scrubs!

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a unique way to address skin damage without lasers or injections. By removing dead or damaged layers of skin, chemical peels reveal more healthy, vibrant skin,  improving texture and tone. Our Entre Nous team will perform a skin analysis with you at your consultation to select a peel that best fits your needs.

Peels are categorized into light and medium based on how deeply they penetrate your skin. The deeper into your skin the treatment goes, the more time you will need to recover and heal before your event. We recommend having your chemical peel treatment at least two weeks away from your event, especially if you will be exposed to the sun 😎


The HydraFacial is a three part facial rejuvenation system. This incredibly moisturizing treatment is ideal for all skin types, and is great paired with other treatments or on its own (but we always recommend pairing it with a great at-home skincare routine 😉 ). The HydraFacial lasts 45 minutes and includes physical & chemical exfoliation, pore extractions, and personalized serum choices.

The HydraFacial requires no downtime, and results are immediate. This treatment is the perfect last step in your beauty routine before an event to make sure your skin is hydrated and fresh!


Dermaplaning is a powerful exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin and vellus hairs from the surface of your skin to refresh and smooth the complexion. The process involves gently sweeping a surgical-grade scalpel across the skin at an angle, doing away with debris. 

This treatment enhances both the efficacy of your skincare products and the performance of your makeup. Without the barrier of old skin and peach fuzz, your products penetrate deeper into your pores and makeup sits more evenly on top of the skin.  

Dermaplaning is what we like to call a “lunch-hour” treatment. We can have you in and out of the office in under an hour and leave you instantly brighter and smoother. If you want your makeup to look flawless for your event, dermaplaning is the perfect facial before an event!

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