Unlock Smoother Skin: Laser Stretch Mark Removal in the Bay Area

Stretch marks aren’t just a result of pregnancy. Any person can get stretch marks from extreme weight changes, children can even get them during growth spurts! 

While stretch marks are a natural part of life, many people don’t like the way they look and feel it affects their confidence. At Entre Nous Aesthetics we offer laser stretch mark removal in the Bay Area as an effective, long-term solution to the appearance of stretch marks.

How does laser stretch mark removal work?

Stretch marks are a type of scar. When our skin stretches (or shrinks!) quickly, it disrupts the structure of collagen and elastin. Then your body rushes to adjust and heal the skin, resulting in those jagged lines.

Lasers work to remove damaged tissue and encourage your body to heal in a more controlled way. The thermal energy generated by the laser stimulates your body’s production of collagen to regrow smoother skin.

What lasers do we use to remove stretch marks?

The type of laser we use depends on what stage your stretch marks are in.


The same qualities that make the V-Beam a stunning tool for cherry angioma removal and a killer rosacea treatment make it an effective solution for stretch marks. V-Beam is a pulsed-dye laser that uses yellow light to target red and purple pigment in the skin, making it ideal for more recently acquired stretch marks.

CO2 laser resurfacing

We’re able treat a variety of skin conditions, including stretch marks, using treatments like CO2 laser resurfacing in the Bay Area. Laser resurfacing is best for stretch marks that have gone white on the skin. The laser helps break up and remove the damaged tissue.

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