Meet Lucy, an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at Entre Nous!

If you’re looking for an aesthetic nurse in Menlo Park, we’ve got you covered with the amazing Lucy Lozano, BSN, RN!

Learn more about Lucy’s background in aesthetics and the medical field plus her specialties at Entre Nous.

Background and Training

Lucy is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience providing quality care to a diverse range of patients. 

Her experience includes trauma, pediatrics, gastroenterology, epidemiology, and more! Lucy’s passion for both art and medicine combined with her attention to detail brought her to aesthetic medicine. She has worked with Dr. Weston for over 15 years while specializing in injectables. 


Lucy works closely with each patient to develop individualized treatment and prevention plans. According to Lucy, beauty is personal, and so is her approach.

She assesses her patients with the goal to preserve facial symmetry and balance while enhancing their natural born attributes for a youthful appearance. 

Lucy’s passion for aesthetics comes from her love of working in a positive environment that inspires artistry. She also enjoys the ever-changing world of aesthetic medicine and continues to fuel her passion for learning and clinical judgement.

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Fun Stuff

Lucy is a devoted mom to two active boys. She loves to travel and also enjoys writing, cooking, and photography 📸

Specialties and Hours

Lucy specializes in microneedling and all injectable treatments at Entre Nous! This includes:



Lucy’s Hours:


8 am – 6 pm


8 am – 6 pm


8 am – 6 pm


8 am – 6 pm


8 am – 5 pm


By appointment only

Visit Lucy, an aesthetic nurse in Menlo Park at Entre Nous! 

At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we are proud to be the premier med spa in Menlo Park. Experts in their field perform all of our consultations and treatments, so you can relax knowing you are safe in the most skilled and practiced hands. We take the time to get to know your individual needs and goals for treatment and provide open and transparent recommendations and expectations.

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